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Brief History of Hunting And Weapons Used


Hunting is an activity that is as old as man itself. Early man used to hunt primarily for food because it was the only means of survival then. In fact, in the Pre-Civilization era, there was nothing uncommon about the women staying back to look after the children while the men went hunting in large groups. Slowly, as man learnt the nuances of farming, hunting became a sport for entertainment purposes during the Growth of Civilization era. The Romans in particular took matters one step further by capturing wild animals and then sitting back to watch gladiators literally fight for their lives.

The interesting feature about hunting is that it features in the history of many countries and seems to have been an accepted social hobby or pastime. In England for instance during the Middle Ages; an increased love of hunting among the upper classes of society led to the creation of special reserved hunting grounds which were meant solely for the King. It was not uncommon for hunters and noblemen to stuff and display their kill, because doing so was proof of one’s hunting acumen and enhanced one’s image as well. This practice is very common even today. Over time, women slowly joined their men on a hunt, although many of them were content to simply sit on their horses and watch what was happening. Today, hunting is still a favorite sport although one is allowed to enjoy a hunt only on allotted grounds or in forests where doing so is permitted.

Overview of Weapons Used

As man’s knowledge of the world around increased, it led to the improvement of hunting weapons as well. In fact, weapons that were used on a hunt were also used to fight against enemies. In the Pre-Civilization era, early man often used fist sized rocks, slings or heavy sticks to kill wild animals. As metals were discovered, better weapons such as spears and heavy clubs were also made, proving more effective on a hunt. It was not uncommon for the men to keep antlers or teeth of the animals for themselves as a talisman or as a reminder of the hunt itself. With the advent of the Second era, the weapons used became better and the bow and arrow became more common. The Middle Ages is believed to be that period in history where guns were used for the first time, although they were quite primitive in many ways. Various weapons of archery, long spears and slings still remained the hot favorites of many hunters. During the Fourth era or the Industrial Period however, man discovered that machines could be put to use in many ways with guns such as muskets and rifles being perfected for use both on a hunt and on a battlefield.

A hunter today is fortunate to have the best technology at his fingers which heavily weighs in his favor for a successful hunt. Besides, perfecting weapons and guns so that they are suitable for different kinds of hunting, the availability of special equipment and various supplies makes the challenge easier. This is a huge improvement over mere qualities like instincts and experience that early hunters had to make do with. In addition, plenty of observations made and studies conducted into understanding the habits and other activities of such animals, makes it easier for modern day hunters to land a successful kill. The many improvements made in hunting weapons alone since early man, has altered the face of hunting itself.


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