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Buying Your First Golf Club Set? Here Are Tips on Choosing One


There are many different levels of players in the Vclubshop game of golf, but they all share one common feature: they all have a set of clubs in their bag and a love of the game. Golf is a game where, in order to play, you need at least two basic pieces of equipment – golf clubs and golf balls. You will need to play on a course unless you are just focused on improving your aim; it is on the course where you sink in shots. Your golf clubs and integral to your game and in tandem with your personal level of skill, determine how well you can play the game.

Starter Sets

Starter sets are usually the first set of golf club that a golfer will invest in, as Vclubshop it provides all the basic clubs needed. The set should include these necessary clubs: one, three and five woods, three to nine irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. The typical new golfer will be more effective using the higher number woods and irons because of the degree of loft of the club. This does not mean that the other basic clubs won’t be used, initially, as a golfer is honing his or her skill set, they will rely more on these clubs; but they will still use the others.

Discount Sets

These are usually custom made clubs that are made to resemble and play like more expensive sets. They usually offer you have a wider choice of clubs sets, not just the basic set. Prices will go up the larger the variety of clubs you have in your set. With discount sets it is important to make sure you do research on the company before purchasing.

Compiling Your Own Set

This requires research in order Vclubshop to assemble the set that works best for you. It may not contain the same clubs throughout the bag and the golfer should be familiar both with his or her playing preferences and styles and have a thorough understanding of the types of clubs. This is more effective if you are taking time assembling your set with higher brands, and will obviously cost more but the cost will be spread over time.

Brand Name Sets

Brand name companies also provide both full sets of clubs for purchase and individual clubs. These sets are more expensive than discount sets. They may or may not have a positive impact on your game, depending on the quality of the brand.

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