Checking Out Lawyers


How many of us have been denied justice because of an incompetent or mediocre lawyer? The fact is, few professions vary as widely as lawyers in terms of competency and professionalism. Yet many people choose a lawyer by thumbing through the yellow pages!

So how does one go about checking out lawyers? In the following I suggest a few ideas to get you on the right track if you find yourself in need of an attorney.

First, of course, you have to think in terms of legal وکیل پایه یک دادگستری   specializations. It’s no good calling a tax attorney if you’re facing a DUI or a tax evasion rap! If you have no idea what specialization you need, discuss the matter with family, friends, business associates – or call your local legal aid society (pro bono legal assistance organization – for advice.

But where do you get a lawyer’s name, once you’ve decided upon the specialization you need? A reasonable starting point is a good legal directory, such as Martindale-Hubbard or (Caution: forget about contacting lawyers whose ads you saw on TV or in the newspaper- this is the worst possible way to choose a lawyer!)

Okay, once you’ve found one or two lawyers who seem to have the legal background and experience you need, you next want to do whatever you can to find out if these guys are reputable. Or even better, to find out if they’re known to be good at what they do.

First, ask yourself if you know anyone in the legal field – other lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, court personnel (court clerks, bailiffs, court reporters, etc), or even judges at any level. If so, now’s a good time to tap into that pool of knowledge – give these folks a quick call and mention the names of your selected lawyer or lawyers. Perhaps suggest they make some inquiries for you. Checking with friends and colleagues is a good initial step. This may seem a bit intrusive, but remember the old adage: good lawyers, not good cases, usually prevail in our legal system.

Of course, you may not know anyone in the legal field who can help you in checking out your selected lawyer or lawyers – that’s fine, there are other sources of information.


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