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Dhikala Tourism Zone of Corbett National Park


Corbett National Park’s Dhikala Tourism Zone has the most breathtaking landscapes and the greatest variety of species of any location.

The wildlife excursion to Corbett cannot be considered complete if this location is not visited. Wildlife enthusiasts cannot afford to miss this location since it is home to the largest number of Royal Bengal Tigers and Asiatic Elephants.

This makes it a remarkable location for wildlife and photography enthusiasts. This location offers the finest chance to experience the country’s natural beauty and attractions.

The area is located near the boundary of Patil Dun Valley, where many tributaries of the Ramganga River originate. If you want to visit this location, don’t miss out on the breathtaking view of the valley.

Jim Corbett is the only national park in India that offers overnight stays in the forest. At the Corbett Dhikala Tourism Zone, there are four hotel choices available to guests throughout the operational season.

These four forest lodges, Dhikala Forest Lodge, Gairal Forest Lodge, Sarapduli Forest Lodge, and Sultan Forest Lodge, are managed by the forest department on behalf of Corbett National Park. Everyone should know about these four possibilities if you’re visiting & citibet horse racing review  in Jim Corbett National Park.

Food System: Two of the four lodges, Dhikala Forest Lodge and Gairal Forest Lodge, provide food canteens with buffets, while the other two, Sarapduli Forest Lodge and Sultan Forest Lodge, have kitchens with kitchen attendants.

Locations: Each of these four hotels is located in an exceptional position and gives a breathtaking view of the Dhikala Tourism Zone woods in Jim Corbett National Park. You will have a distinct experience in each of the four lodges.

Safety: There is no security concern since, with the exception of the Sultan Forest Lodge, all the lodges are encircled by a solar wire fence that prevents hazardous animals such as tigers from entering. Inside these lodges, you may relax in peace.

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