Four Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney in a Consultation


When looking for a personal injury attorney, try to learn more about their level of experience with similar cases. Since many lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss the basic circumstances of the case, it’s possible to ask questions that help indicate whether the lawyer or their firm will be a good fit for your needs.

What are the practice areas you handle?

A personal injury attorney may have experience in different types of cases. A law firm that specializes in fewer practice areas may be more familiar with the local intricacies of laws regarding those particular types of liability. On the other hand, many liability claims have some overlap with other types of law. For example, a firm’s experience with medical malpractice or traffic law may provide them with insight on how best to pursue allegations involving a hospital or a car accident.

Have you handled cases like mine in the past?

Asking whether they’ve represented clients under similar circumstances gives you a better idea of relevant experience. The liability for construction accidents may change depending on whether you work for a contractor or directly for the property owner. Accidents that happen in different industries and different circumstances are governed by different types of regulations and laws, so it’s worth finding representation that has handled similar cases.

How many individual cases are you handling currently?

Some legal professionals may have more relevant experience because they have a large volume of clients continually cycling through. Someone who is pressed for time may be motivated to seek faster resolutions that aren’t always in the client’s best interest.    Houston Car Accident Lawyer  Alternatively, they may not have the time to explore all potential arguments and sources for evidence in a given lawsuit. While lawyers are ethically obligated to provide quality representation for clients, there is also a practical limitation for the caseloads an individual can handle.

Will I be able to speak with you personally about my case?

Some lawyers do most of their interaction with clients through paralegals and other staff like “investigators.” Speaking with the actual personal injury attorney is a good sign that your claims are receiving an appropriate level of individual attention. It’s also worth clarifying whether the same person will represent you in court, particularly if you reject settlement offers from the insurance company or responsible parties. Some firms do a lot of collaborative work, but clients tend to be comforted by having the same representation throughout the process. Even if it’s not the person whose face the firm uses on billboards, connecting with the same person throughout the process helps provide continuity and a feeling that your concerns and priorities are being kept in mind.

Whenever you go into a free consultation, remember to ask questions that can shed light on whether the firm would be a good fit for your specific circumstances. Don’t feel pressured to choose the first office you call or visit, especially if they seem to lack experience in handling cases like yours.



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