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Grand Theft Auto 4 – Great Info Regarding This Game


Story, Basic Info

Niko Bellic, a European who traveled by boat to Liberty City (Game version of New York City). He was persuaded by his cousin Roman to come to the city. He expected to live in a mansion and live the life of fast cars, beautiful women, and a luxurious and delightful life. When Niko drives to the beautiful mansion he sees that this mansion is just a small ran down apartment in Hove Beach. Niko meets Michelle a backstabbing Beech as you will find out later in the game. This game has a lot of different outcomes. I do not want to spoil the game for you. The first thing I would do to get a little heat AKA some guns is run over or beat the shit out of a police officer, take his 9mm. Once you have this weapon go save. You will be introduced to one of Roman’s friends, Little Jacob who will supply you with a weapon, 9mm. If you want some heat early on just kill some cops. What I did is retrieved the pistol went up the stairs and crouched with a wanted level watch the cops open the door run up the stairs and killed them. After my health went down to a minimum where I felt I would die I saved, woke up and found most of that ammo, shotguns, machine guns, and carbine assault rifles. I had the SWAT and F.I.B. after me so I saved and picked up those weapons.

Combat Tips:

Think of this game as real life in a way. Don’t just stand there! If you have heavy fire from multiple enemies how the hell are you going to take them all out? Definitely not all at once right? Put it this way, do you think the army goes out to combat running and shooting at their enemy? No, for the most part no. In this game and in real life combat you need to have tactics. get some cover, find a strategy that works for you. I could take out 20 guys sometimes and still have a fair amount of armor left. Because I used whatever I could for cover. Dumpsters, walls, whatever. Once they popped their head out- BOOM 50 caliber bullet fired from the desert eagle left them slumped on the floor!! What I am saying is if you know you are about to have a difficult mission take cover and come with a new vest of armor before every mission unless its less than 50 percent damaged. Use you assault rifles for longer distant shots when faced with a heavy load and pistols. shotguns, and SMG’s for closer enemies. If you need to take out enemies that are near a whole bunch of cars, why not throw a little handy grenade and blow them all to smithereens? Taking heavy fire can very well damage your armor and health within a few seconds. Taking cover isn’t a sissy move, it’s a smart and tactical move. They are using cover so you should be obligated to that right as well. If you don’t want to wastes too much ammo try crouching for better accuracy with your weapons. And don’t worry about how many rounds you wasted, you will gain atleast 50 percent of that ammo from the fallen enemies, so try to use the same weapons as they are if you can see the weapons they are using.

So now the basic tips to succeeding in this awesome game:

Keep Saves; I kept 3. Make sure you have full health and body armor if available before missions if possible. When you can take girlfriends or friends on dates, do it. 90 percent of the friends you meet that you can take on dates have valuable perks. I suggest getting them to 100 percent fondness so if you can’t make it you can go back on a date once more to get that 100 percent. Don’t worry about all the fast cars early in the game. You will be granted the Comet and Infernus later in the game. The Turismo is always spawned at Faustin’s house even after is unfortunate loss.

This game is wonderful. I love GTA 4, however compared to GTA San Andreas there are no tanks, airplanes, and no vehicle mods such as nitrous from what I have observed. There are beautiful fast cars that look nice but modifying vehicles in GTA San Andreas was awesome. I also liked recruiting my own members for help in San Andreas however in this game you can call Dwayne for goons if you decide to kill another character, sparing Dwayne’s life.

The Pro’s: Internet, Dating as well as SA, Fast Cars, better interactions with characters, graphics, driving controls can take a while to get used to but when traveling at high speeds you get blurry, drinking and driving, a lot of activities/hobbies to participate with friends and girlfriends.



9mm- 17 round magazines, decently powerful, faster fire rate than the Combat Pistol (Desert Eagle) semi-auto.

Desert Eagle- Very powerful pistol, hard to find;google location when you get to Bohan. Favorite weapon in the game. Substitutes for 9mm ammo. Semi-auto.

Machine Guns-

Micro SMG- (MAC 11)

50 round clip- very fast and loud weapon, personally my favorite out of the 2, because of larger mags and fire rate. Great damage. Automatic

SMG-30 round mags. Maybe more powerful, not as fast firing as Mac 11. Automatic

Assault Rifles-

AK-47- 30 round mag, great looking, powerful, ching sound. Automatic

Carbon Assault- Powerful, ugly weapon. 30 round mags. Stronger than the AK-47 but I prefer the AK.


SPAS- Powerful, slow fire rate, horrible range. Semi-auto. 8 round shells.

Combat Shotgun- Very powerful, decent range, semi-auto, 10 round, I see this shotgun as a very fast shooting weapon for a shotgun that is ( I once got blasted and killed by the triads with this one. Thought it was the SPAS but later found out when used on Roman’s cab driver with all his mad shit talk.)


Molotov- Wine bottle on fire that will catch anything in it’s path on fire once made contact with

Grenade- A small bomb that can be thrown and will explode in your hand if you don’t release it soon enough. This handy bomb can blow up vehicles and create a domino effect if the cars are close enough to each other creating fun multiple explosions and also some difficult stars to avoid if the explosions continue.

TIP: Try not to throw grenades out of a car unless you are moving, and grenades inflict a great amount of damage to your enemy and yourself, be careful with the nifty little devices as they can hurt you just as much as the enemy.

(Just for fun I tossed a grenade on the ground, it blew up and wiped out all my armor and 10 percent of my health with one grenade)

Rocket Launcher A.K.A. RPG: Fast non targeting missile blowing anything in its path when hit, such as cars, humans, and helicopters! I love the RPG but I didn’t use it unless needed for a mission such as helicopters. Why? Ammo for these things are quite expensive, I know its a game but I would still rather buy a couple suits from Perseus instead of a couple rockets!

There are several weapons and ammo that can be found throughout Liberty City, I generated these tips and guide from my own knowledge of the game, for the most part most of this is right however I am not 100 percent sure everything is correct, again I created this blog from my own knowledge of the game.

Non-Firing/Explosive weapons:

Baseball Bat- A fine, silent piece of wood to knock heads with instead of baseballs!

Fists- Some silent knuckles that are very deadly if  17 wsm Ammo for sale  used multiple times.

Knife- Great for shanking Taxi drivers after they charge you a fee for the ride! Taxi drivers actually hold more money than you pay for the ride after they are swimming in blood on the concrete.

TIP: Little Jacob can be useful along this game for discounted prices on weapons. He doesn’t carry Desert Eagle’s as far as I know.

Main Characters and their perks:

Brucie Kibbutz- Roman’s steroid abusing, lavish lived friend. He is weird in a way but he has a lot of racing and car connects. He is focused about his looks and has some feminine ways. However this guy will eventually meet you to a rare car: the Comet. You will have to win first in a race mission for Brucie and afterwords he says you can keep the comet so I did, which he borrowed from his friend, Stevie which you will later interact with through missions.

Perk: Free Helicopter Ride when respect and like stat are raised to a certain level around 70 percent. Kind of like Roman’s Taxi Cab driver- without the shit talk.

Dwayne Forge- This character is optional. If you decide to kill Dwayne Forge you cannot gain access to his Backup perk which sends 2 goons to help you out wherever you are whether in free roam or a difficult mission. I rarely used this perk, but just the way Playboy backstabbed his long time friend who just got released from prison bothered me. Playboy knew Dwayne taught him the ropes and helped him achieve where he was at in that point of his life. Killing Playboy in my opinion is rather sweet. I get a new outfit from GTA 3 that Alex Chilton likes besides all the Perseus crap, which I also like. I get a real friend who really has no other friends and is from the lower class struggling in the “hood”. I get Playboy’s loft and two extra car slots, which came in handy to fulfill my nifty car collection consisiting of: The Infernus, Banshee, Comet, Super GT, and Turismo my favorite supercars and also I believe the fastest and best looking in the game. Playboy also drops a Desert Eagle but the game glitched on me so I had to find it at a different location in Bohan. Yes, it is a game but in life and this game reality is very similar making choices and looking at personalities and how people treat other people. Dwayne is a good friend in this game, and once Playboy became rich he became an arrogant snob which I could see. He was a fake character as we all I am sure have encountered in real life.


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