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How to Choose a Tungsten Wedding Ring


How to choose a Tungsten wedding ring. Choosing a Tungsten wedding ring can be a simple process if you keep these steps in mind.

Tungsten carbide rings are exploding in popularity, and with good reason. Tungsten is a natural metal that is strong, but brittle in its unprocessed state. When it is combined with an alloy like nickel it becomes four times stronger than titanium and it holds its polished shine for life.

A Tungsten wedding ring is known for two things; its resistance to scratches and the permanent shine it holds. Tungsten rings can be scratched, but it requires high pressure and something harder. A steel file won’t scratch a Tungsten ring, but a diamond will. You can even bang on your ring with a hammer and it will maintain its shape.

When choosing a Tugsten ring there are a few decisions you need to make. First a women’s Tungsten wedding ring is usually 5mm-6mm while a men’s Tungsten wedding ring is 6mm-10mm typically. Tungsten is a heavy metal so the thicker the ring, the more you will feel it on your finger.

Tungsten wedding rings are usually a comfort fit so when determining the ring size round up rather than down to allow for a better fit of the ring.

Tungsten rings, like other wedding rings tungsten men wedding bands , can have domed, faceted, beveled, concave, and other types of common designs. They can also have unique designs. If you see a design in Titanium that you like, chances are you can get the same design in Tungsten.

When looking for a Tungsten ring there is one very important piece of information to consider and that is the makeup of the Tungsten ring. Many rings that claim to be Tungsten Carbide rings may in fact be Tungsten processed with cobalt instead of nickel. Cobalt reacts with the skin causing spots and color changes which cannot be polished out. The rings made with cobalt are not scratch resistance and are not as strong as Tungsten Carbide rings. An easy way to know if the Tungsten ring is made with cobalt or not will be the price. Tungsten carbide rings will cost about the same price as gold and platinum rings and Tungsten cobalt rings will cost closer to silver rings.

Tungsten Carbide rings made with nickel do cost more, but they will last as long as your love for each other. Tungsten wedding rings made with cobalt will probably only last a year or two.

To recap on how to choose a Tungsten wedding ring; Tungsten Carbide is scratch resistant, durable, and holds a shine for life. Decide on the style you like including the width of the ring. Determine your comfortable ring size. Make sure the tungsten ring is not made with cobalt. Enjoy the permanent shine of a Tungsten wedding ring.

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