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How to Give a Hot Sensual Massage – 6 Tips and Examples



How to Give a Hot Sensual Massage  6 Tips and Examples

When you give a London prostate massage, you’ll stimulate the five senses to keep the passion alive. Your massage can also stimulate other parts. Incorporating some creative ideas is key to making the experience memorable. Here are a few tips to keep the passion alive:


Sensual massages are one of the most romantic, sensual gifts you can give your partner. This type of massage is even more special when it is given by someone who cares about your partner deeply. It will be an experience that your partner will never forget.

The main goal of a sensual massage is to create an intimate environment that focuses your complete attention on your partner and allows them to fully be themselves. This helps to rekindle the “falling-in love” phase of the courtship. The novelty can also help to inject positive hormones into your partner’s brain.

A sensual massage can rejuvenate a relationship. It rekindles the passion and intimacy that may have been stale due to the stresses of work, money worries, and daily life. A sensual massage can bring back the passion and excitement you shared at the beginning of your relationship.

Remember that a sexual ban is not a permanent solution. You can use the time for other activities. You can find other ways to keep the flame burning if your partner isn’t interested in sex.

Music can enhance a sensual massage. The music helps set a mood and enhances the experience. A lover can choose to listen to sex music or classical music during a hot sensual massage.


Giving a sensual massage is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to your partner. It requires your full focus and energy. The whole experience is relaxing and rejuvenating. To help you achieve this goal, you can refer to our sensual massage guide.

Before you begin, decide who will be giving the massage. This will prevent you from forgetting to give your partner a massage and ensure that both partners are doing their part. After you have made your decision, set a timer that lasts between ten to fifteen minutes. After that, switch roles.

Begin by massaging the forehead and temples of the woman you are giving a sensual massage. Next, work your way up to the neck and shoulders. Use gentle downward pressure, and finish by kissing her ears. The neck, back, and shoulder massages are the most relaxing. It will be a great start to a sensual evening.

When using oil, choose an organic one. Almond oil is a popular choice for this purpose because it allows the hands to glide easily. Almond oil also doesn’t get absorbed by the skin, so you won’t have to keep reapplying it. It is recommended that you only purchase small amounts of organic oils and keep them in cool places.

Remember to use the appropriate lighting. Dim lighting is important in establishing a sensual mood. Dim lighting will not produce the same effect as full-blown fluorescent lights. You can also add to the atmosphere with candles. Also, consider the clothing of your partner.

As with any sensual experience, sensual massages should not be rushed. To make the woman feel relaxed, the right oils and pressure should be used. Inducing erotic contact is the goal. Massaging a woman with high libido may make her feel immediately sexually stimulated. If she has a low libido, you should let her enjoy her pleasure.

Before starting a hot sensual massage, always let your partner know the nature of the massage. Before the session begins, let your partner know what you want so that both of you can enjoy it.


To awaken your sensual side, try to stay present and engage the five senses. This can help you to connect with your partner more deeply. Try practicing the Diaphragmatic Breath while in bed, in the shower, or even while driving to work. Try to inhale deeply, exhale passively, and remain calm. You can practice awareness through all five senses and gain a better understanding of yourself.

Massage Oil or Massage oil Candle

If you’re planning on giving your partner a sensual massage, there are a few tips you should consider. Firstly, it is important to choose the right room temperature. A warmer room will relax your partner’s muscles and prevent him from sweating, and it will also be more comfortable for you.

It is important to assess the relationship’s state. You can do this by watching his breathing. Try to keep the session light and fun so that your partner is relaxed. You could also try massage oil. Divas often use Kama Sutra brand massage oil candles. A heated massage pad is another option. This will relieve muscle tension and aches, and can also be reusable.

Sensual massages can be a great way for your partner to keep their passion alive. Intimacy can be affected by the daily grind, work pressures, and financial worries. A sensual massage can revive the passion and make her feel more intimate with you. Regardless of whether you are giving it to a date or on a first date, sensual massages will make your partner feel loved and appreciated. You can make your partner feel special by learning how to give sensual massaging.

You should pay close attention to your partner’s body language before you give the massage. If your partner is experiencing pain from the massage, it could be a sharp breath or tight muscles. Silence or a soft moan are other signs that your partner isn’t interested in the massage. You can set a timer for between 10 and 15 minutes to help you get started. Then, switch roles.

Before beginning your massage, set the mood. A hot sensual massage should be romantic and scented with your partner’s favorite fragrance. Some couples also like to light a candle to set a mood. Some prefer the scent of citrus or flowers, while others prefer lavender. Use a candle that doesn’t have an overwhelming scent if you are using one. It is important to create a sensual experience that engages multiple senses.

Using aromatherapy is another great way to set the mood for a sensual massage. Essential oils are known for their soothing scents, which can also be used as aphrodisiacs. The aromatherapy can permeate the room even before your partner enters it. Aromatherapy products such as massage oils or calming lotions can be used. You can also use warm lubricants or massage candles.


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