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Ionic Pro Compact Air cleanser


You might have already seen or heard of the Ionic Pro air cleanser if you’ve done any research at all on ionic devices. Even if you are not actually looking to buy one, it’s hard to miss the Ionic Pro Ionic Air cleanser if you watch any night time TV. When it comes to ionic devices, it looks like they have been crowned the new infomercial kings, doing well The Clearer Image. In fact, you’re probably wondering if this newbie addresses any of the commonly lambasted conditions that took the Ionic Air flow off the market.

Who is The Ionic Pro Created by?

This cleaner is manufactured and marketed by Ionic Pro, LLC. They are not owned by any other company. Until somewhat recently, they marketed ecoquest purifier their products on television only. Now, however, these products can be found in many stores, including Wal-mart. The fact that they are not owned by another company can be looked at in two ways. It seems that, simply only make the one product in several sizes, it would be easier for them to make a quality product. It also seems like it would be not hard for them to disappear entirely, too.

Comparing With the Ionic Air flow Air cleanser

Ionic Pro home air cleaners share their advantages with the very similar Ionic Air flow devices. Eat, the main, and many times only difference between them, is the design and form of actual machine. The Ionic Pro Compact Air cleanser is similar in size to a smaller type of the Ionic Air flow. The Ionic Pro usually is available for less, though. As ionic home air cleaners are fairly simple, you can probably safely buy the cheapest which can be found to you.

Compared Against HEPA Devices

It’s not as simple as you may think, comparing HEPA devices to ionic devices. Although they’re not quite as efficient, ionic devices do this is the same job as a true HEPA air cleanser. They exclusively use a minimum of electricity, and are made to run full time to compensate for the lower efficiency. Once the machine starts making a little buzzing noise, the bar that collects all the junk has to be wiped off, but there’s never any filtration systems to change. The filter itself is usually a HEPA purifier’s biggest issue. They are dictated by the size of the holes in the filtration systems, which is where air is forced through, blocking things that are not just air. Those air allergens that are the most important for any cleaner to stop are 99. 7% removed in a true HEPA cleaner. There is no such guarantee or standard when it comes to HEPA-type devices, though. With ionic devices, though, the biggest issue is the venting. While HEPA-type devices can only filter what can’t pass through whatever size holes are in their filtration systems, the ionic devices will eventually catch anything that’s attracted to that magnetized bar. This is important info to use when comparing the two. One disadvantage to an ionic cleaner is that it will only filter allergens that 1 micron or bigger. The most dangerous and hardest to filter allergens are 0. 3 micron, and that is what true HEPA home air cleaners stop nearly 100% of.

The Ionic Pro Compact Air cleanser Compared to Other Ionic Pro Products

Ionic Pro, LLC makes it easy to choose insurance agencies the vast majority of their features in every one of their ionic devices. The main difference between the compact and the full-size is the capacity. This compact cleaner is most effective in small rooms and offices. Also, and it’s lacking the Medium fan speed, instead using High and Lo only. Considering the Ionic Pro Compact Air cleanser sells had to have half of the cost of the off the shelf one, you will get more benefit from two compact units rather than the one standard.

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