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Twitter’s Upcoming Major Site Re-Design


If you love to keep in touch with your friends tweets, you should take a moment to learn about Twitter’s upcoming major site re-design. Though it can often feel like we have always been tweeting, the original site was only launched four years ago. Since that time it has become one of the biggest internet phenomenons. The revamping of the site has been carried out to attract more visitors and make the experience a lot friendlier.

The re-designed site will be seen by the one hundred and sixty million users over the coming weeks and months. The primary aim is to allow for the site to be easier to navigate as well as offering up a more relevant content to users. Evan Williams, one of the company’s founders, states that the changes will allow users to be able to get more out of Twitter in a lot less time.

A problem with many sites and online concepts that become popular rapidly is that outages can become frequent. Twitter is often a victim of its popularity, every day it attracts hundreds of thousands of new users. Now it is hoped that crashes and outages will be reduced massively.

Another driving force behind the redesign has been  메이저사이트 revenue. Up until now twitter has lagged behind other popular portals when it comes to revenue generation. The new site has an increased number of advertising options and formats. The developers hope that this will allow the portal to compete better with other social networking sites.

Other changes that have been brought out include  allowing users to see more details and information relating to the authors of tweets. If you are familiar with the old layout you will be impressed by the new dual panel appearance. Previously all tweets would appear in a single column or time-line  Now it is possible to see all the relevant information instantly without the need for clicking back and forth.

Twitter has not overlooked the importance of multimedia. They have negotiated deals with sixteen different video and photo sharing sites to have content embedded within the new site. This is important as today more of us are uploading video and images online to share with friends and family.

When you are looking for a system that will live up to all expectations, look to Twitter’s upcoming major site re-design. With new capital funding the company it is expected that the influence of twitter will only continue to spread in the future.


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